Contact Info

I am

a physics graduate student

... in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Texas Tech University.

My research interests

... involve the study of compact object populations, and accretion and ejection physics.

My education

My Undergraduate

... in Physics is from Utah State University in Logan, UT where I was working on a research project with Dr. Larson in the area of Gravitational Wave Astronomy.

My Master's

... is in Space Science and Technology. It is part of the Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster program. It took me to four different universities and four different countries. First semester in Germany at the University of Würzburg. Second semester above the arctic circle in Luleå University of Technology, and finally France at Université Paul Sabatier where I worked under the supervision of Natalie Webb on MUSE integral field unit observation of the compact objects in the globular cluster NGC 6397